Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Because you asked and because I’m a giver: Look, it’s more Amanda Moore. Amanda Moore the out queer supermodel. Amanda Moore the androgynous hottie. Amanda Moore the possible former dater of girls who have been known to look very Shane today. But what else do we know about Amanda? Let’s let her tell us, shall we?

To recap: She grew up a military brat and went to high school in Florida. She was a basketball player who dreamed of going professional, but instead she got discovered at an open casting call. Also, she looks fucking hot with a boy’s haircut. I cannot stress that last bit enough.

As for this, well, you know – no comment.

But, just like with yesterday’s lesbothrobs and Lays potato chips, no one can have just one. Amanda follows a host of out and gorgeous supermodels down the catwalk. A look at a few of my favorite super gay models.

Jenny ShimizuAngelina has damn fine taste in women.

Eve SalvailEve and her tattoo were the best things about “Prêt-à-Porter.” Though too bad we didn’t get to see her do this with Lili Taylor.

Rachel Williams (right)I’m probably the only one who remembers her from the 80s. But this issue was one of the first fashion magazines I ever bought. And I did it all for Rachel’s eyes.

Kim StolzHands in pockets. Plaid shirt. Rolled up sleeves. Big Belt. Screw smiling with your eyes, this is gaying with your entire body.

Jessica Clark (right)Her fiancée is professional trainer Lacey Stone (left). A model and a trainer? I just went to a bendy, sweaty place in my head.

Nanna GrundfeldtWow, gay is spelled the same way in Finnish as it is English.

Gia CarangiThe one, the only, the original. Damn, really, damn.

Yeah, that crazy hot chain-link fence scene from the movie? Totally happened. [NSFW, naturally.]


Anonymous said...

Oh Snarker, these ladies are the bomb. They're gorgeous and they are out and brave.

Love Jenny always, and didn't know about Ms Moore, but thanks for introducing me!

Anonymous said...

No freja beha or catherine mcneil?

nika said...

"Screw smiling with your eyes, this is gaying with your entire body" is the best thing I've heard all week. You're too awesome, Ms. Snarker.

Sapphic Hyperbole said...

OMG Thank you for remembering Gia.
Most people are omly familiar with the name as a reult of the fact that Angeliena Jolie played her.
But many do not know that Cindy Crawford was picked as Gia's replacement and called "Baby Gia".
I also like Eve Salvail, she is rather cool to communicatye with but an uber party girl (must be the Dee Jay lifestyle).

Jessica Clark? Mmmmm will go on a Google Image hunt after this.

Anonymous said...

"gaying with your entire body"

oh yes, you sure said it snarker!
And thanks for reminding me of the beautiful Gia. Good god, what a face on her. I only know her sad story from the movie. All these years later, her face just stands out.

Jeanette said...

What are you trying to do to me here....between Maddow in suspenders yesterday and now this (the army shoot on the after ellen link...be still my beating heart) I'm having trouble breathing.

Damn woman, just DAMN!

Patty Diphusa said...

Take a look to some pictures of Bimba Bosé, a Spanish top model and singer.

Anonymous said...

omg - thank you for this. totes made my day..

and totally be sure to check out freja beha.. she will make your day.

Get Set.Go said...

You made my day. Wow. there is no proper comment that could describe the euphoria that has taken over..psh this is way better than pure sugar in a cup.

Get Set.Go said...
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Anonymous said...

freja beha! tasha tilberg!

Anonymous said...

I found very amusing that you wrote:«Wow, gay is spelled the same way in Finnish as it is English» under the girl with the word «homo» written in her shirt.

Actually «Homo» is Ancient Greek for «Equal» so it will be the same in every language since the the expression «homosexual» is a hybrid clinic one made up by prude Victorians that loved to put labels on everything.


Anonymous said...

is it just me or does that photo of Jenny Shimizu remind you of Jackie warner?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous women!
and lets not forget this gia pic http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z298/Dani_po/GIA.jpg

still NSFW

AriL said...

Amanda Moore!!!!!Wow, it should be illegal to be that beautiful! And also next time you should check out other models like super Tasha Tilberg (pure perfection with a septum piercing and tattos..need i say more?!), Mey Bun (she did several eds with her gf, artist Jen Chia, who's quite cuuute as well!), Rie Rasmussen (HOT & Out) and of course Freja Beha Erichsen, Catherine McNeil and Myf Sheperd (these last 2 both hooked up with Ruby Rose, who's a former model herself ^^)!
Ok..sorry i didn't warn you that i was some sort of model freak

Anonymous said...

That Moore girl is very pretty...but so incredibly unappealingly thin yuck..did you see her in that video..*chills* But all those girls are so beautiful..I love Gia

Anonymous said...

Wow, i never thought I'll say this, but the original Gia is way way hotter and sexier than our Ms Jolie... wow...

lega said...

I glance Ms.Moore after read your work. She's fuckin gorgeous badgirl, (i don't know how to spell it). I'm even straight...,but how can I resist?? I like what you've done )))

Anonymous said...

Wow, you remember Rachel Williams too? She's no longer with that girl Alice. She has a boyfriend now, and a daughter.