Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tank Top Tuesday

Coming off a long, lazy three-day weekend, I have to admit that I’m just not ready for the formality of business attire. So, I’m not gonna even try. Instead, let’s revel in the casual charm of the tank top. I mean, look at Keira Knightley. Does she look even remotely interested in going into the office? Whether working out, working hard or hardly working, it’s simply the best way to ease into any work week – abbreviated or not. Thanks, ladies, for reminding us that the tank top is always the preferred attire when…

…running errands, like Hilary Swank.Of course, she is taking that “running” part a little too literally. Overachiever.

…walking the dogs, like Olivia Wilde.Never before have I meant it more sincerely when I’ve said, “Lucky dogs!”

…walking a dog and a baby, like Jessical Biel.Sheesh, another overachiever.

…checking your cell, like Evangeline Lilly.If only it had GPS, this whole “Lost” thing could have been over a whole lot quicker.

…rubbing in your ability to sunbath to your undead boyfriend, like Anna Paquin.Does anyone else have to fight the urge to scream “SOOKEH!” whenever you see her?

…considering just how hot it will be to co-star with Eliza Dushku, like Summer Glau.Joss Whedon is a total babe magnet.

…relaxing before killing Bill, like Uma Thurman & Zoe Bell.Behold the beauty of always having a spare.

…arm wrestling, like Rose McGowan & Rosario Dawson.Clearly they’re wrestling to see who has to take a shower first. I call it a draw and say they shower together. Compromise is truly a beautiful thing.


tlsintx said...

Rose & Rosario FTW! Time for a cold shower! Yay Snarker!!

DJ Spinster said...

That was lovely, thank you.

H. Mo. said...

Best TTT ever! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Olivia Wilde's legs aren't as skinny as I'd thought. Suddenly, I find her much more attractive.

TheWeyrd1 said...

VERY NICE...glad I came online for a few minutes...heh

mtacoba said...
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rjelad said...

Great T3 choices. Summer is so swoon-worthy, and Rose & Rosario make me feel so dirrrty. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand,
but just notice that
the first pic, she has v on her
chest. like bear.
you know some bears have white v
mark on their chest.

i know, sounds stupid,
but i just thought that.

thanks for all your hard work!
have a great great extra extra great day ds. ^^

Natalie said...

That last picture almost made me pass out. Swoon....

Alexa said...

More Zoe Bell!