Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Slayer sneak peeks

Buffy’s been gone for three years and suddenly she’s all over the place again. You really can’t keep a good woman down. With the impending arrival of season 8, in comic form, Joss Whedon has been back on the Q&A trail and gave another sneak peek, with lots of tantalizing images. The highlight? This exchange:

Q: Does (Buffy) get comic-book superheroine breast implants?
A: She really doesn't. I've been fortunate that I've never
worked with a T&A artist. I'm very specific about that.
Q: Isn't that the raison d'etre of lots of comics?
A: That's part of why I stopped reading comics for a while.
All the people I work with draw actual women.

I love Joss. I miss Joss. TV needs Joss. But, I'll settle for comics.


Jami said...

I want Joss back, too! More "Firefly"! More "Buffy"!

mike said...

i'm confident that we'll get josh back on tv in a few years. i mean, he's inspired everything good on tv now.
can't wait for the comic. and yes, that was the best exchange from the tv guide interview.

random reader said...

the most important question is, "Is Faith in the comic?". also, "will she and Buffy finally resolve their long-standing unresolved sexual tension?"