Friday, December 08, 2006

But will she wear the blue body paint?

Hey Ugly Betty-ites, today is your Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition release date all wrapped up in one. Rebecca Romijn will join the show’s cast full time starting next year. She will apparently play Faye, the shadowy, gauze-wrapped, low-voiced (yeah, how they gonna make that one work out?) figure who has been plotting all season with Wilhelmina to take back control of Mode. But already, in my head, something like this is happening between her and Salma Hayek as they try on dresses one night in the Mode fitting rooms. Yeah, this might take a while. Take amongst yourselves…

UPDATE: Those tricksy writers fooled us all and Rebecca is not playing Faye but instead – wait for it, wait for it – Alex Alexis Meade, the presumed dead but really just pulling an Alexis Arquette on us brother turned sister of Daniel Meade. Just in case there was any doubt, this show is - indeed - awesome.

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Niuxita said...

The sole thought that she and Vanessa Williams will be (presumably) sharing screentime and plotting and conspiring maliciously together is just... oh the pretty. But I wouldn't object either to a scenario like the one you described between her and Salma. *fans self*