Friday, December 15, 2006

My Weekend Crush

CLICK TO ENLARGEYou can keep your Izzie McHotties and Kerry McLezzies (if you don’t speak McDreamy, that’s the blonde from Grey’s and the lesbian from E.R.) I have my very own Dr. Feelgood. Call 911, cause Dr. Allison Cameron is making me swoon (wow...that was Jennifer Morrison plays the serious and seriously hot doc on the wry, acerbic medical drama “House.” If don’t watched, you should. It’s much better than “E.R.” and, dare I say it, better than “Grey’s Anatomy.” Morrison imbues Dr. Cameron with an undercurrent of sadness and a soft spot for damaged people. Oh yeah, I’ve totally got a shot. Happy weekend, all.


gulpie said...

thanks i will keep izzie mchottie. ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE Cameron.