Monday, December 04, 2006

The soundtrack of our lives, lesbian style

I read that “Come Over Here” by the lovely (and out) Sarah Bettens will appear on the new season of “The L Word.” It’s a sexy little number, and I’m looking forward to hearing it on the show. Which got me thinking about other songs used in memorable lesbian moments on TV and film. So, pop quiz hot shot. Hey, stop groaning. If you read chapters one through six in the Lesbian Pop Culture Manual, as assigned, you should do just fine.

Match each lesbionic TV/film moment with its soundtrack:

  1. Willow and Tara dance on air on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
  2. Paulie reaches “Well of Loneliness”-levels of depression over Tori in “Lost & Delirious.”
  3. After a night with Marina, Jenny awakens to eggs with a side of engagement ring from Tim on “The L Word.”
  4. Jessie sings to an adoring Katie on “Once and Again.”
  5. Claude gets it on with a pink-haired Leisha Hailey, I mean Lucy, in “All Over Me.”
  • “Cannonball,” Damien Rice - ( answer)
  • “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,“ Melanie Doane - (answer)
  • “God Bless the Child,” Billie Holiday - (answer)
  • “Superglider,” Drugstore - (answer)
  • “You Had Time,” Ani DiFranco - (answer)

So, how'd you do? Well, next time study more. Hey, at least the homework should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched Lost and Delerious today (again)! LOVE that movie! Ani Defranco was an awesome pic for that moment when Paulie's heart shattered into a million pieces.