Monday, September 25, 2006

Where for art thou Jordan Catalano?

So, what the fuck happened to Jared Leto? Remember when he was all dreamy and broody with those pretty eyes on My So-Called Life? I do. I wasn't sure who I thought was cuter, him or Claire Danes. Yeah, it's not much of a contest these days. I mean, he's not the first actor to try his hand at rock stardom (hell, he's not even the only one to try with 30 in his band name). And he's not the first man to wear too much eyeliner (but Bob wore it well, dammit). He's not even the first guy to think he looks awesome with an emo haricut (with ridiculous results). So, why the concern? Because he used to look like this. Sigh.

p.s. Oh, I almost forgot to add that he thinks that "the blog is yesterday’s parachute pants. It’s here now but it’s gone tomorrow." Sure, buddy, but that frosty blue eyeshadow is clearly the wave of the future...

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