Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oprah is a little gay, pass it on

Rosie O’Donnell thinks Oprah has a touch of the gay. Today on “The View,” Rosie said that the relationship between the Queen of Talk and business partner/best galpal/hetero lifemate Gayle King pings her gaydar. She also refuted Oprah’s claims that just because they aren’t having sex, they aren’t gay.

“They are always together, but you know they are not lovers. But I think that is very typical of gay relationships …You know, two women get together and after year two all they do is spoon. You now what I’m saying. She’s like, ‘Well we’re not having sex. We’re not gay.’ Well, you might be a little bit gay, you’re just not doing it ... Everyone can be a tiny bit gay.”

So, essentially, Ro thinks O has a case of the lesbian bed death. I can see it now, "Tomorrow on Oprah, 10 ways to stop spooning and start screwing!"

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