Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Queer As Now

I watched the original American “Queer As Folk” in bits and pieces. It wasn’t exactly our show, but it was still about us. So, of course, you had to watch it. The series captured that turn of the 21st Century white gay boy vibe to an absolute T. Which, again, is one of the reasons I didn’t necessarily watch it religiously. That was reserved for the show about that one-letter word.

So when they said they were going to reboot the series now some 20 years later, I was initially only mildly interested. OK, circuit parties for the year 2022, I guess. We’ve seen a number of reboots of our queer canon shows — from “Tales of the City” to “The L Word” et al. And they’ve all been good, if perhaps not the best at capturing the full spectrum of our current queer culture. Like, I enjoy “The L Word: Generation Q,” but having one character run for mayor of one of America’s biggest cities and another with an Ellen-like talk show may not be the most relatable plotlines.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the new “Queer As Folk.” But after watching the trailer and learning its premise. I’m in.

Set in the backdrop of a Pulse nightclub-like shooting in a New Orleans queer bar, the new series is about what it takes to rebuild as a community. I feel hopeful that this glimpse at the young queer life with a diverse cast will better reflect our realities. Also, it has Juliette Lewis and Kim Cattrall as parents of adult LGBTQ children, which is just premium casting of what in another era we’d call iconic rhymes with Bag Sag.

I don’t know if the show will ultimately deliver on its promise. But I have hope that this series with al all-queer writer’s room and out queer actors playing out queer parts will do us proud.

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