Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Strong One

If you haven’t watched “Encanto” yet on Disney+ you should probably drop everything you’re doing and watch “Encanto” on Disney+. Not only is Disney’s latest animated feature a fun, colorful, diverse and surprisingly deep look at dysfunctional familial dynamics, it’s soundtrack is filled with absolute bangers. In fact, the movie’s soundtrack just bounced Adele, yes – freakin’ Adele, off the top spot on the Billboard 100. My favorite song is, of course, “Surface Pressure.” This eldest daughter, and anyone who has ever felt like “The Responsible One” in the family, can certainly relate. And, uh, is it OK to think an animated character is, um, hot? Because watching gifs of Luisa lift heavy things is kind of what’s getting me through the week.

1 comment:

Carmen San Diego said...

That song made me cry
Yes I’ll be discussing this cartoon during therapy