Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lotus Plaza

Our collective crush on Aubrey Plaza is about to go into overdrive. The “Happiest Season” scene/heart stealer and “Parks & Rec” alum is joining the second season of the HBO Max dark comedy “White Lotus.” Which means I’m now definitely watching the second season of the HBO Max dark comedy “White Lotus.”

For those who haven’t watched, the satirical series from Mike White centers around a luxury boutique hotel in Hawaii and its obscenely privileged guests. I watched the whole first season because, well, I’ve watched a lot of stuff because we’re in a damn pandemic and that’s how we pass the time. And also it was good, if as mentioned rather dark. And, in the end, mostly what I took away from it is that The Rich are a scourge on this Earth.

I wasn’t sure about watching a second season because, like, I get it. Rich people, man. But with Aubrey coming on board I feel like I’m required to watch. She plays a “woman on vacation with her husband and his friends.” Oh, did I mention her character’s name is Harper? Yes, I know, you’re getting “Happiest Season” flashbacks right about now. Like we all liked Riley over Harper. Duh. So is this some kind of ultimate payback?

Not too much else is known about the new season except Aubrey and “Sopranos” alum Michael Imperioli are the first named cast to the anthological series. The new season also won’t be in Hawaii, as the show takes advantage of the “around the world” aspect to the boutique hotel chain. But no doubt the guests will be awful.

I found the first season a little depressing because, again, I known rich people are the worst. So I hope Aubrey makes it all worth it.

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Carmen San Diego said...

So now I have to watch season 2? Ugh
As a hospitality industry employee I didn’t like White Lotus. Not only because I lived it but because I know that a large % of what was happening there would never ever fly in a hotel of that caliber
But oh well, let’s watch season 2