Friday, January 21, 2022

My Weekend Crush

Like probably a lot of you, I watched the new “Matrix” movie over the holidays. And, I liked it. I really did. It straddled the line between nostalgia and innovation, while furthering its narrative about becoming the person you were meant to be. In the end it was an introspective and well-made (if not always entirely joyful) return to a universe that for better and too often much worse has been co-opted by the very people it hopes to enlighten. You know, all the red pill bullshit of the worst parts of the Internet. My favorite character, as with the original trilogy, was of course Trinity. I mean, I’m a queer woman and I have eyes. Duh. I’ve loved Carrie-Anne Moss ever since too. That hair cut and all that skin-tight black PVC makes an impression. The twist of turning her empowered, endlessly kickass character into a literal soccer mom (and naming her, horrors, Tiffany), was deliciously cruel. But even if the reboot doesn’t pack the visual wham-bam of the original movie, I will be endlessly grateful to it for bringing my favorite character back to life. And, in doing so, reminding us all you can’t keep an iconic female character down – or at very least you shouldn’t. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen San Diego said...

Carrie-Anne Moss with the hair cut and skin-tight black PVC made an impression on me all those years ago too

tlsintx said...

Yep, Carrie-Anne was the best part of Matrix