Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Gay Like That

And just like that, Miranda is pretty gay now. Sorry I know that’s a spoiler. But we’ve obviously been speculating since that first trailer dropped and our collective gaydar went wild. Granted, I guessed the wrong person. But having the queer in real life Cynthia Nixon and the queer in real life Sara Ramirez hook up on screen is undeniably exciting, even if the series itself has been sort of a downer. And I’m not even talking about all the credible accusations of sexual assault against Mr. Big — though honestly now I’m thrilled they killed him off.

Miranda’s queer awakening is welcome, but also confusing. The original series gave her ample, AMPLE, opportunities to realize her sexual orientation. Indeed in “Sex and the City’s” very first season, it’s addressed in the third episode when Miranda is mistaken for a gay by her law firm’s senior partner. I mean, she even gets fixed up with a real lesbian named Syd and there’s softball. And they even kiss in the elevator. But, in the end despite the short hair she was still firmly on Team Hetero.

I guess time does change all things. Like Miranda’s entire personality, self confidence and sexual orientation.
Again, don’t get me wrong, I am always happy to have more queer characters because — say it with me — representation matters. And it’s good to have representation of people coming out later in life. All of that is great and positive and I hope someone sees themselves in her experiences.

But making Miranda a bit of a clueless Karen whose every other word is cringe worthy? Yeah, come on, we all know that’s Charlotte’s role.

Anyway, I’m obviously going to continue watching to see where this all goes. And, again, I am happy the SATC universe is now more LGBTQ+ inclusive. And, clearly, Sara Ramirez is always welcome on my screen anytime. But overall the series so far has been a series of downer observations about growing older and losing touch. But I still have residual fondness for all of these characters. So, yeah, I want to see where they take this. Though, I could maybe do without the weird washed out fantasy sequences. And, just a thought, maybe next time let’s not juxtapose the queer sex scene with Carrie literally wetting the bed.

p.s. I also would like to note the “finger” line was kind of hilarious in its cluelessness. Because, a) fingers, and b) Yeah, they sure can.

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Finally! someone other than Brady is having sex in the city.