Friday, January 14, 2022

My Forever Weekend Crush

Oh, Betty. She would have been 100 on Monday. May we all live our lives in such a way that if we die at 99 people will still say it’s too soon. Luckily, everything nice thing that should have been said has likely already been said about Betty White. Universally beloved doesn’t even cover it. And the best part is, I’m pretty sure she knew how much she was adored - and rightfully so. More than a trailblazer. More than a comic genius. More than a sweet, smart, saucy broad. More than a national treasure. More than a cultural icon. Just a woman named Betty who for seven decades felt like the best part of our families. Like your favorite grandma or that aunt who told amazing dirty jokes. I sure hope she and the rest of the Golden Girls are just sharing the best cheesecake ever somewhere. Plus, Betty believed in our unalienable right to just stay home and lez. Thanks for all the laughs, Betty. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen San Diego said...

And animal lover! On Monday I will be donating to my local animal shelter in her name

Carmen San Diego said...

I’m so happy that she got her flowers while she could enjoy them

Anonymous said...

Betty, Betty, Betty.

They broke the mould.

I'm just thankful that my time on this earth overlapped for a while with hers x