Friday, November 05, 2021

My Weekend Crush

So to round out my Birthday Blog Week, here’s another blast from the past/an parallel universe where Bette Porter is K-Stew’s mom and lesbian worlds collide in spectacular fashion. Travel, if you will, back with me to 2004 when Jennifer Beals and Kristen Stewart played mother and daughter (I know, suppress your laughter if you can) in “Catch That Kid.” I’ve never watched the movie, since by 2004 it was way out of my demographic. But I read the synopsis and it’s something about the daughter of a paralyzed mountain climber scheming with friends to rob a bank to pay for his surgery which, um, GRIM, AMERICA, GRIM. We could have healthcare for all, but instead bank robbery is a viable movie option. Anyway, long story somewhat shorter, in my head this is Bette telling K-Stew to keep that jacket cause one day it’ll really go with her future aesthetic. (Also, congratulations are in order for her ENGAGEMENT this week, cementing that queer aesthetic permanently one might say) Also also Jennifer clearly kept that wardrobe for “The L Word.”
Also, you see that beanie? Like HOW DID PEOPLE NOT KNOW? How? Happy weekend, all.

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Carmen San Diego said...

KStew was Bette Porter and also Jodie Foster’s daughter? Damn