Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A Second Taste

Straight women have Stanley Tucci slurping pasta all over the Italian countryside. Gay women have Padma Laksmi exploring the culinary diversity of America. And as much as we all love the Tucci, Padma tucking in the food that actually inspired Thanksgiving dinner, well, that’s like Christmas came early for me. The first series was a fascinating look into America’s culinary heritage, one that is built like the rest of this country on the backs of immigrants and their ability to mesh their unique traditions into the fabric of our nation — whether some choose to acknowledge that heritage or not. But this is our country’s history, and if nothing else it certainly tastes delicious.


Carmen San Diego said...

Have a great thanksgiving weekend DS
I’m thankful for you and your generosity writIng for this space every day

AK said...

Agreed! She does a wonderful job appreciating the folks hosting the show. I enjoy her gusto and joy. I have learned so much.

Middle Girl said...

I love this show and Padma.

Thank you for sharing this.

Aretha Jones said...

Speaking of Padma, in case I haven't mentioned this before: