Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, Kittens

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Now, the Thanksgiving movie is the rare bird among holiday movies (see what I did there, bird). But there are some notable ones. And the best ones always have a gay undercurrent. Hello, “Home for the Holidays” directed by Jodie freaking Foster. I rest my case. But lest we forget in 2000 the universe have us “What’s Cooking?” While not perhaps a great movie, it was a great attempt at a multicultural framing of a traditional American holiday. And did I mention that Kyra Segdwick and Julianna Margulies play LESBIAN LOVERS? They’re pregnant of course, because this was a movie with lesbians in it from the early 2000s. I forgot how, uh, suggestive that split-second turkey stuffing scene was. And people say Julianna doesn’t make a convincing lesbian on “The Morning Show.” As a non-watcher, I can’t judge (well, except for some well-edited clips, ahem). But 21 years ago, I think she earned her honorary toaster oven. I mean, obviously, lose the bandana. But otherwise, passable. Happy turkey (and other things) stuffing day, all.


Helena said...

Did not know about this movie, will know have to watch. And I love Alfre Woodard.

Carmen San Diego said...

Happy turkey day!