Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Princess & The Movie Star

Well, now, I’m definitely going to have to watch this, aren’t I? Kristen Stewart is arguably the biggest out gay female star working today. And Princess Diana was arguably the most famous member of the British Monarchy in at least recent history. That the actress and her subject’s stories and the cautionary tales about the cage of fame and the oppression of hiding one’s true self dovetail so beautifully make it feel all the more poignant. I hope K-Stew gets a trip to the Oscars for this one. She’s come a long way from those days of the sparkly vampires, and almost all of it on her own terms. May she see the rewards of being her true self realized, when too many others were not afforded that chance.


Helena said...

Your last sentence brought tears to my eyes, but also a smile of hope. Thank you and have a good day.

Carmen San Diego said...

I’m honestly rooting for KStew

Anonymous said...

Diana: They will kill me, you think?

Omnipresent Inner Voice: Yes

Epilogue, they will and they have.