Friday, October 22, 2021

My Weekend Crush

If you haven’t had a chance to catch the new documentary “My Name Is Pauli Murray” on Amazon Prime, I highly suggest it. The film, from the same documentarians behind “RBG,” is as fascinating a historical portrait as it is an all-too topical cautionary tale.

Before watching this, I had little to know knowledge of Pauli’s contributions to the civil rights movement and our legal landscape. Yet Pauli’s work has proven invaluable. Yet we are somehow not taught in school about this pioneering Black queer legal scholar. Goodness, why ever could that be.

Pauli’s story is also a crucial reminder that who gets to tell our history matters. With all the manufactured brouhaha about “critical race theory” in public schools (something that, again for the people in the back, isn’t even seriously being taught in K-12 schools right now), the gatekeepers of our history matter more than ever. Will they be people who factually report on our culture, or will they be people who demand that “opposing” views of the Holocaust to be represented in textbooks, you know, for fairness toward the Nazis. You can’t change history, but they can sure write the truth out of it if we let them. Happy weekend, all.

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Helena said...

Thanks for the heads up and have a good weekend Dorothy.