Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Oh, Yes!

The last few weeks have been a lot (hence the late posts), what with the continued pandemic, a variety of personal emergencies (like, our new dog chased our biggest cat in the middle of the night and the cat escaped by jumping onto my face and leaving me with a three-inch scratch across my entire forehead - good times) and other existential crises large and small. But I think part of it has been the continued exhaustion at the world and all its seemingly endless ills. And as an Asian American woman the violence directed at the AAPI community in particular has weighed heavily on my heart. Though, violence (physical and systematic) against any and all marginalized groups should weigh heavily on all our hearts.

So it’s nice to see many of our highest profile Asian voices speak out*, including longtime favorite Sandra Oh. I’m excited I get to watch her (one of the very few Asian actors to headline their own television American show, which if you think about it is nuts because more than half of the world population is Asian) finish out her starring stint on “Killing Eve” with its upcoming fourth and final season. I don’t care what people say, I still thoroughly enjoyed the last season and its even gayer outcomes. Indeed, I hope the showrunners have the courage to take it there and explore the attraction/obsession to its fullest. I know Sandra and Jodie Comer are up for the task. I don’t know if I want Eve and Villanelle to have a happy ending, necessarily. But I definitely want them to address the big queer elephant in the room.

The show hands off to its fourth female showrunner in so many seasons (starting with “Fleabag” creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, then “Promising Young Woman” director Emerald Fennell and last “Fear the Walking Dead” writer Suzanne Heathcote). “Sex Education” scribe Laura Neal next takes over. I’m thrilled to see so many female showrunners getting a chance to helm this extraordinary show. (Though, I have noticed they are all white ladies, ahem.) So, thanks Sandra. Thanks for your voice and thanks for your talent. And let’s go Eve. Though, given the show’s name, if she makes it out alive should we consider the whole series false advertising?

*Like, did you catch Bowen Yang on SNL? Because you should.


Carmen San Diego said...

She’s amazing. I love her and I still miss DrYang
The attacks on Asians are incredibly worrisome and it’s infuriating that the main target seems to be seniors.

Carmen San Diego said...

Hope all the quadrupeds find harmony soon DS