Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Brandi's Prine Time

Why just have one sublime music offering this week when we could have two? Brandi Carlile has been a longtime favorite of mine, as John Prine who was a favorite of my late father’s. We listed to his music on car trips across the country, and I took in their gentle poetry. At the Grammys over the weekend, Brandi again performed one of Prine’s songs in tribute to the singer-songwriter who died last year from COVID-19. This time she performed the last song he wrote and recorded. Give it a listen. Yeah, when we can once again crowd up against each other in sweaty ballrooms while all screaming the lyrics in unison, I’m definitely going to go see Brandi.

p.s. Oh, and don’t think I missed that Brandi took home a Best Country Song Grammy for “Crowded Table” from The Highwomen. That’s some next level Zoom award accepting there, Brandi.


Carmen San Diego said...

Brandi is great and she did such a great job

Anonymous said...

I've loved her voice for 15 years. So happy the rest of the world seems to have caught on. She's one of a kind.