Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wonder Women Wednesday

I think we can all agree that the best part of “Wonder Woman 1984” was its post-credit scene. (I’ll say spoilers here, but seriously, it’s been almost four months.) Anyway, you know the scene, where we see a striking woman walking through a packed market only to effortlessly saves a woman and her baby from being crushed by a falling pole. And that woman, yeah, she happened to be original Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter. Yeah, it almost made those two-and-a-half hours of wondering why Steve Trevor was alive again worth it. But, I was a little disappointed there was no direct contact between Wonder Woman Version 1.0 Lynda and Wonder Woman Version 2.0 Gal Gadot. Well, thankfully, they did have another happy meeting while on set for the sequel. With kisses no less. Look, sometimes you’ve got to enjoy the little things. Like the two Wonder Women being wonderful women together. Not bad for a Wednesday, really. Not bad at all.


Carmen San Diego said...

Gal PAL kisses!

Carmen San Diego said...

But seriously, it wasn’t a great movie but it was not as bad as people say

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it look like Lynda Carter is softly saying, "Alright alright!" A nice way to tell Gal to "Stop!" I also notice the two men on the right turn their heads away (embarrassed?) while the guy on the left just keeps on staring. He likes it. Don't we all, blue shirt!