Monday, March 15, 2021

Music Monday: A Pandemic Ode

Last weekend marked my one-year COVID self-quarantine anniversary. Thinking back, how naïve we were as we hunkered down for what we thought would be a couple quiet weeks. A couple strange months, at most. But here we are more than 365 days later and counting. But, hope is here. Vaccinations are moving at more than two million a day. By May 1 we should all be eligible for our shots. Oh what a difference a competent – not to mention empathetic – federal government makes. So hold on, keep wearing those masks and stay safe. And while we wait our turn, please enjoy the incomparable Yo-Yo Ma. The famed cellist gave an impromptu concert while he waited his 15-minutes after receiving his second shot last week. We’ve all lived through a monstrous 12 months. We’ve lost more than half-a-million of our friends and neighbors to this wretched pandemic. But, together, we can find the beauty in this world again. Happy Monday, kittens.


Anonymous said...

Competent and empathetic? Urging people to vaccinate against a virus with a 99.5% survival rate for those under 70 is absolutely insane. Not to mention herd immunity. There is no competence, anything but, just unbelievable hypocrisy, mixed messages, and faux "science".
And empathy? Ask those old folks in NY about empathy. Or the kids who have been abused since being locked down. Empathy. Unbelievable.

This isn't some political game. Sorry, you don't just "listen to the scientists". Listen to the money trail. We've all been played. If you want to think youre somehow on the winning team by all means go right ahead. But the virtue signaling and the faux smug bs is beyond stale.

Carmen San Diego said...

Hope you have a turn at the vaccine soon DS
Have a great week

Carmen San Diego said...

Eye roll at Anonymous commenter above

jimbo26 said...

Anon-Y-Mouse says ................

Maria Rigel said...

Anonymous, you blatantly have given up on logic.

First, you don't seem to mind about people over 70 dying. Then, you worry about old folks in NY.

If by "we've all been played", you mean you have been played, yeah, it does look like it. You are in no position to judge whether anything is insane, because you clearly gave up on sanity.

I don't need to know anything about your coronavirus conspiracy theory, because you've already told me it makes no sense.

Osiris said...

Quarrentined for 12 months ?!? I've been out every day (with a mask) and felt completely safe. The quarantines and vaccines are not fool proof. Same with regular influenza. I felt the need to continue to work and carry on my routine. I think the dangers of mental health deteoriating were greater than getting Covid. I'm in my 40s.

Anonymous said...

Carmen-- eye roll all you want do you have a clue as to what this "vaccine" is? That its not even a "vaccine", and how long has it been in testing? Uhm, not even a year!!! And you want to be a guinea pig? Go right ahead but jettison the smug " i listen to the science" bs because if you study the ACTUAL science there is no evidence it works! Hello!! And if you're under 70 the survivall rate is 99.5%!!!!!


But go right ahead. Listen to the, uhm, cough, cough, "science".

Anonymous said...


Learn how to argue. You say absolutely nothing. I seriously question your reading comprehension skills. The facts. The scientific facts, are thfacts survival rate for those under 70 is 99.5%. You read that as I want to kill old people. Seriously, get lost with the childish bs, I have no tolerance for pathetic games, and learn how to read and form a thesis.

Again, and you say abolutely nothing. just sophmoric speculation and outright lies. Turn of MSNBC and put down the times.