Thursday, November 19, 2020

Gender Fuck Thursday: VP Straight Bette Porter

Look, I’m not saying my more-than-two-year campaign to get Straight Bette Porter elected to the executive branch is the reason she got elected to the executive branch. But, I’m also not saying it’s not the reason Kamala Harris was elected Vice President. I mean, we all know the polling absolutely sucked. So, who can say – really? Ahem.

In the continuation of my highly scientific research into the definitive correlating properties between Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris and runner-up Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Bette Porter, I present you both in signature suffragette white. I mean, as soon as our new Madam Vice President came out in her white suit for their victory speeches, we all knew this post was coming.

And now that it’s here, well, I think we’d all agree that the science remains indisputable. Four years of Vice President Straight Bette Porter sure looks good, kittens. It sure, sure does.


Helena said...

I'm looking forward to all the joy you are going to send our way with this Dorothy. Have a good and safe day.

Panty Buns said...

What a treat!
I am and will be loving it and all of your related posts for the next four years :D xx

Carmen San Diego said...

And Maya Rudolph isn’t bad either