Monday, November 30, 2020

Music Monday: Dolly Redux

As I’ve already gone on and on about the absolute national treasure that is Dolly Parton, but suffice to say she deserves all that love and so much more. Not only did she make that $1 million donation to aid in coronavirus vaccine research way back in April, that charitable act has paved the way for one of the most promising (to the tune of some 95% effective) vaccines against the virus. So, yeah, if Dolly ends up saving us all from COVID-19 I hereby declare that all remaining confederate statues be torn down and replaced with statues of Ms. Parton. I mean, let’s salute the real heroes in this country for a change. Happy last Monday of November, kittens. One more month of this infernal year. May it do as little harm, and bring about as much good (thanks in no small part to Dolly) as possible.

p.s. For a song about a global pandemic, this is actually incredibly catchy and rather moving. So, you know, Dolly forever.

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Carmen San Diego said...

Dolly forever