Friday, November 22, 2019

My Weekend Crush

I have not endorsed a candidate for 2020 yet. Heck, I am not even sure who I will ultimately vote for in the presidential primary yet. Now, of course, I have my favorites. But, in general, it’s may the best woman – or man, if we must – win. And, don’t worry, I will vote for whoever winds up the Democratic nominee (though not Tulsi because, again, she is a Republican/Russian asset). But in the style icon election, I’m all in with Senator Kamala Harris. How can we not after she wore that blouse and that blazer to the last debates? I mean, she’s clearly channeling her inner Straight Bette Porter. Someone is doing her very best to lock down “The L Word” constituency. And, lemme tell ya, it’s working.

A look at Straight Better Porter and Bette Porter, power-suit wearing strong female leaders America can believe in. Happy presidential weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Wow DS you really went above and beyond with this one.
Straight Bette Porter is my senator and my candidate for the time being. She would destroy Trump in debates. That is if we’re to show up, of course. The freaking coward probably won’t
Have a great weekend DS

Anonymous said...

WOW DS, WOW. Nicely done and thank you, this is absolutely what I needed today:)

Jo said...

Hey can you back up your " Russian asset" assertion? Didn't think so. I guess passing off received opions with no basis in reality is the current trend among the clueless. Do you have any idea how egregious it is to make such false accusations? It's called libel. But who cares about truth or integrity anymore, just parrot absurd talking points ( and look like an utter fool doing it.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo. All the repubs i know love Tulsi. Figure it out.