Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Cookies & Equality

Well, after the week (this year, these last four fucking years) we’ve all had, I think we deserve a week of nothing but good things. Like really, really good things. Like cookies and love and did I mention cookies? I know that brands are not our friends. They’re brands and all they care about is making their brand money. But, again, when brands do make progressive statements it means as a country our collective consciousness registers those opinions as positive. In the past, they were controversial, but now they’re moneymakers. Capitalism, yo. But that, that’s still progress. And progress, like cookies, is always a good thing.


Unknown said...

Thx Dorothy. Had not seen this gem--lots of positive energy.
The gals are a cute couple & I love those Dark Chocolate flavor
oreos. Kryptonite !

Carmen San Diego said...

The gay community should be grateful for the corporate support that it has garnered. The corporations learned long before the politicians that discrimination is not good for business. Corporations have been tremendous allies for the gay community, as seen in their lobbying against anti-gay legislation in Indiana and North Carolina.