Thursday, September 03, 2020

Elementary, Dear Enola

Goodness, doesn’t this look fun. I’ve never read “The Enola Holmes Mysteries,” but if they’re anything like this trailer I really should have. The new Netflix film based on the young adult book series has an impressive roster of stars (“Stranger Things” Millie Bobby Brown, Superman/perpetually square jawed Henry Cavill, “Hunger Games” survivor Sam Claflin, forever goth queen Helena Bonham Carter and out queer actress Fiona Shaw, to name a few) and a fun premise. My only gripe, they took a book series by a female author about a spunky and norm-defying female heroine and gave it to a male screenwriter and male director to adapt. But, in better news, Millie and her older sister Paige Brown are listed as producers. So, ladies, tell the stories you want to tell and be in charge of those stories. And if those stories involve imaginary sisters to imaginary famous detectives who have imaginary adventures where they dress in-and-out of drag and fight people while solving mysteries in unconventional ways, all the better.

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Carmen San Diego said...

Seems fun