Friday, September 18, 2020

My Weekend Crush

The lens of time tends to be the ultimate arbiter of history – both the profound and the personal. So, isn’t it interesting to watch the famous go from the hero to the goat to the new definition of GOAT within the short confines of less than a lifetime.

Mention the name Jane Fonda and depending on the era you knew her best from, you’d get widely differing opinions. Movie superstar. Sex symbol. Leftie radical. Commie traitor. Fitness guru. Feminist advocate. Climate warrior. And, now, a woman who has proven throughout her long and storied career tried to always stand on the right side of history and expanded her definitions to keep including and centering more people in the fight for equality. (Like, respect each person’s personal pronouns, it’s not hard to do. And the right thing to do.)

Whether she is schooling the mainstream media what today’s celebrities should be saying when they say “gay rights” BACK in 1979.

Of course she was right, the side of the angels keeps winning. Sure it took 36 years for marriage equality and 41 years for employment non-discrimination, and we’re still fighting for everything else. But, as Jane knows, we’ll get there.

See Jane. See Jane get on the right side of history. Be like Jane. Happy safe, healthy and Jane Fonda-level righteous weekend, all.


Unknown said...

Yes, please.

Carmen San Diego said...

Have a great weekend DS

Panty Buns said...

She's awesome and honest and always has been - a national treasure!