Wednesday, September 16, 2020

All the Glorias Fit to Print

Look, if we keep going like this every actress will have a shot of playing Gloria Steinem. And, don’t get me wrong, Gloria definitely deserves the star treatment. But does it also feel a little like she is perhaps the only feminist some folks in Hollywood know exists? (Yes, yes, I know both “The Glorias” and “Mrs. America” feature a host of other important and essential feminist icons – but Gloria is so often the hook.) Anyway, where were we? “The Gloria” has actresses from Alicia Vikander to Julianne Moore play our eponymous Gloria through the ages. And, yeah, it looks good. But sometimes I just feel like saying, hey, Audre Lorde is right there. Hello.


Helena said...

Audre Lorde will always be my inspiration on how to live. She deserves so much more recognition.

Carmen San Diego said...

I’d cast Aisha Hinds to play Audre Lorde