Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Happiest Holiday Photos

Look, lesbians also celebrate Christmas! Sometimes. And they use giant reindeer to help balance them while ice skating with their girlfriends! Sometimes. And they definitely have to awkwardly pose with their families on Christmas morning in their PJs! Sometimes. We’re getting a somewhat steady drip-drip of images from the new lesbian rom-com “Happiest Season.” Billed as the first mainstream lesbian holiday rom-com (yes, there have been others from indie outlets), the film is certainly building expectations.
I sometimes worry that with movies aimed at mass markets like this, the story naturally becomes something that’s most accessible to the masses. Hence the movie’s plot revolving around a woman (Kristen Stewart) wanting to propose to her girlfriend (Mackenzie Davis) over the holidays, which gets complicated by the fact that her girlfriend isn’t out to her conservative family yet. Yes, I know, another coming out story. But, under the helm of “But I’m a Cheerleader” (and lots of other stuff) alum Clea DuVall, I have faith it will be funny, sweet, romantic and relatable for both its queer female viewers and straight wider audience.
And, again, I’ve watched more than a lifetime’s worth of truly mediocre straight rom-coms over the years. So even an average effort (not that this movie will be average) would be a landmark for us gay ladies. So bring on the tinsel and strap on those skates (or whatever else, ahem). The “Happiest Season” is almost upon us.

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Carmen San Diego said...

Look! KStew is smiling!
I’m honestly looking forward to this.