Friday, September 11, 2020

My Weekend Crush

Look, if Cate Blanchett looking glamorous in a mask doesn’t convince you to wear a mask, well, I don’t know what else will. Certainly not the entire medical community. Or facts. Or science. Or caring about other human beings. Anyway. Be like Cate, wear a mask. And elbow-bump instead of shaking hands, because this is life now.

And, because masked living is our life now especially in the United (lol, “United”) States where this pandemic will seemingly never be under control, wear a variety of kinds of masks. Like, of course, your standard surgical mask. Bonus points if you can have an also masked manservant assist you while wearing one.

This kind of mask accessorizes with everything, like say a blazer you may or may not have stolen from the set of “Oceans Eleven.”

Make that two blazers stolen from “Oceans Eleven.”

Or, you can always go with your plain cloth mask. More bonus points for the quick temperature check as well.

Or your neck gaiters, which signals “I’m definitely not about to rob a bank. Probably.”

And – if you are very lucky and wear a mask properly while in public (over the mouth and nose, people) – you might just also get the treat of a properly socially distanced air kiss from Cate.

I mean, we can all dream, right? Happy safe, healthy and righteous weekend, all.


Helena said...

Oh to look like Cate in a mask:) Have a good and safe and healthy weekend Dorothy.

Carmen San Diego said...

What wouldn’t I give for some stolen blazers from the set of oceans eight