Friday, September 25, 2020

My Weekend (Baking) Crush

At last, my televised Xanax is back. If ever there was a year when we needed the soothing, pastoral, cake-related drama of “Great British Bake Off” (or as its known in the states because Pilsbury sucks, “The Great British Baking Show”), it’s 2020. This season the show is returning without the famed Hollywood Handshake (pandemic, yo) and also without co-host and out lesbian comic Sandi Toksvig (who left to focus on other projects).

Now, I am still on record as missing Mel and Sue (not to mention Mary Berry). Plus a new season of GBBO without a lesbian manning the tent? I mean, will the yeast even rise without a soft butch present? Her replacement Matt Lewis (who you’ll probably recognize from “Doctor Who” and “Little Britain”) is fine, but not exactly a brave new direction on the diversity front. Still, I need this season of baking politely while surrounded by pastoral loveliness in the English countryside starting tonight on Netflix. I just need it. Happy safe, healthy and righteous weekend, all.

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Popplestone said...

Spot on - we all miss Sandi but Bake Off is what we all need right now (except it's Matt Lucas and he's gay so maybe that helps a little?)