Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Tank Top Tuesday: Quarantine Fighter Edition

Since it’s Pride Month and you deserve nice things, here is a Very Special Tank Top Tuesday: Quarantine Fighter Edition. We’ve all been fighting the good fight staying home and wearing masks when we can't. As a reward we get to pick which of these badass ladies in tank tops is the best Quarantine Fighter to represent us best during these challenging/stressful/frightening/enraging times. Inspired by Charlize Theron returning to her Action Mode with bonus Short-Hair Mode in “The Old Guard” (not to mention that bitchin' Boss Bitch Battle) here are some more female action stars showing us how it’s done. Now all there is left is to choose wisely. Who is your True Quarantine Fighter?

Charlize Theron

Mackenzie Davis

Tessa Thompson

Alicia Vikander

Emily Blunt

Evangeline Lilly

Gal Gadot

Maggie Q

Margot Robbie

Brie Larson

p.s. Who are we kidding? We’re all Brie. Now, pass the cookies.


Carmen San Diego said...

Just wow
This post is art
Thank you for bringing me some joy DS

Unknown said...

Fight like a girl will never be the same. Hello gorgeous!

SK said...

LTTP, but you might find the wonderful Silje Torp of Netflix's "Norsemen" series relevant to your interests. Viking badassery made entirely of muscles and cheekbones in a ninth-century tank top and leather pants. The show's pretty good as well; it's "Vikings" played as an office comedy.