Friday, June 19, 2020

My Weekend Lemon

Please, my Fake TV/Movies Wife Tina Fey returns to “30 Rock” for a special episode and I’m not gonna write about it? So this week it was announced that the original cast of the acclaimed NBC series would reunite for a special, social-distanced special called “One More 30 Rock” to air July 17. The Very Special Self-Quarantine Episode will also serve as the upfronts presentation for NBCUniversal’s programming. Returning for the V.S.S.Q.E. are Tina as Liz Lemon, Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy, Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan, Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney, Jack McBraye as Kenneth the Page and others making special appearances. Like April’s V.S.S.Q.E. reunion of the cast of “Parks & Rec,” the new “30 Rock” will feature the actors reprising their roles in all new stories. They’ll also apparently be plugging NBC and its various other networks’ new seasons. So the NBC show about a show on NBC is going to promote new shows coming to NBC. That’s some high-level meta corporate vertical integration right there. Oh, capitalism, you never quit do you? Whatever, as long as Liz still wears bi-curios shoes, I’m totally in. Happy safe, healthy and righteous weekend, all.


Helena said...

This is good news to start the weekend with.Have a safe and healthy weekend Dorothy.

Carmen San Diego said...

Gonna get my night cheese to watch it
Have a great weekend DS

Unknown said...

Yes I Will! Shoot, I would watch Tina read the phonebook (big paper book with everyone's name & number). Thx Dorothy.