Thursday, January 09, 2020

Gender Fuck Thursday: 007 Edition

James Bond films were one of my guilty pleasures growing up. Sean Connery’s Bond films were always my favorite because, well, duh. But the whole rah-rah chauvinism of the franchise, with its rampant sexism and misogyny, have made it harder to hold onto that warm nostalgic glow.

So I’m quite happy to hear that the new 007 is a black woman because this is 2020 and it’s time. Now, don’t get too excited. James Bond is still straight, white James Bond. But Lashana Lynch will apparently assume the codename/number in the new Bond film “No Time to Die.” You might remember Lashana in her role as Mrs. Captain Marvel.

So bring on the next generation. Let them be badass. Give them cool codenames. Suit them up with cool gadgets. And let them be lady magnets – but without all that sexism, misogyny stuff.

p.s. No Pre-L this week, as you can see. Screeners won't go out until Sunday.


James said...

If hollywoods latest pathetic attempts at cashing in on "woke" culture are any indication this film is going to absolutely suck.
Another franchise ruined to try and appeal to a fleeting trendy dollar.

Thank god hollywood is dying.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I was gonna comment about how guys are gonna throw a tantrum... I guess I was right...

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Carmen you just made my day:)

James said...

Carmen---- do you understand What a tantrum is? I'm merely pointing out how much money has been lost with these hack hob remakes. Charlie's angels, fail. Terminator, fail. Etc. unwatchable's got more to do with talent and integrity than shamelsssly trying to play to what you think is hip, trendy , etc. and by the way, Hollywood will exploit you all the way to the bank. Yet you'll defend it.

Oh irony.