Friday, January 03, 2020

Pre-L: Labels

And we’re back. This is my last sceeners for the time being, so we’ll see if the last three are released. Big gay fingers crossed. Speaking of big gay thing, this episode is filled with big gay drama. So may exes! So many vices! All these bad choices! Oh, show, how we missed your lesbian drama. Per usual, spoilery and possibly NSFWy. And, proceed.

1) When you’re pretty sure the baby isn’t yours.

2) When your whole relationship hinges on where each partner falls on the idea of cake for breakfast.

3) When you’re running for mayor but still get stuck in the carpool lane.

4) Everyone Hates Talking on the Phone, Part I.

5) When your wedding is being ruined by Late Stage Capitalism.

6) Everyone Hates Talking on the Phone, Part II.

7) I’m legit still not sure if this is a shared couch.

8) Bette Porter driving a Tesla is the most Bette Porter move ever.

9) Dammit, now I have to learn how to spell thrupple.

10) Cue “Everybody Hurts” and sway gently to the intergenerational bonding.

11) Look, we have to both believe we can grow past our self-destructive tendencies and find committed, lasting happiness.

12) When you see those same self-destructive tendencies rearing up in others.

13) Uncle Shane knows best.

14) The bad decisions are coming from inside the bar.

15) Everyone Hates Talking on the Phone, Part III.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Ugh, more gay guys hooking up?
Have a great weekend DS

Carmen SanDiego said...

Now that I’ve seen the episode... ugh Finley ugh did you learn nothing?

rizzoli50isles said...

its apparent with fin well I will look forward to waiting for this if I can

plueschi said...

Isn't it "trouple" instead of "thrupple"...?