Friday, March 22, 2019

My Weekend Crush

I finally got to see “Captain Marvel” this week and let me tell you it was worth the wait. It has everything I want from my superhero movies: action, adventure, punching old ladies in the face, and a deeply gay origin stories. Sorry, you didn’t think “Captain Marvel” was gay? Then please explain Carol Danvers.

One, her name is Carol. Harold, that’s the lesbianist of names.

Two, she wears grunge clothes and a ball cap for like half the movie.

Three, her unfazed expression through the other half of the movie.

Four, her mentor is silver fox Annette Benning.

Five, she has a cat/Flerken. (Also, I would take a bullet for that cat/Flerken)


Yes, yes, I know we’re supposed to read Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica as just “very close friends.” But friends don’t stay in the same town, in the same house despite no longer having their cool fighter test pilot job being all single and forlorn for SIX FREAKIN’ YEARS. M’kay.

While I thought the plotting of the film was a little slow (it saved its most effective and impactful narrative points to the very end – plus would it have killed them to show more scenes of Carol and Maria getting their Top Gun on?), it was beyond wonderful to see another hero story that lets the other 51 percent of the population feel super about themselves for a change. Happy Marvel-ous weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Yay I am so glad that we get your take on Captain Marvel!
I loved it! Although you’re right about the beginning being a little slow and that we needed more Top Gun scenes.
So Maria saved all of Carol’s stuff and the kid knows all of the details of Carol’s life story six years later? So lesbian

Carmen SanDiego said...

I also read that the real villain of the movie was the gaslighting that Jude Law was pulling on Carol. Thought it was an interesting idea

Carmen SanDiego said...

I let out an audible “yeah!” In 5at scene she gets up...

Anonymous said...

I saw it this weekend, several teens were cheering but I didn't think it was great. Two stars.

Jaded-Rogue said...

I've been a Capt Marvel fan since she was - well, Ms Marvel, Binary, et al. She's been with War Machine in the comics, and had ONE date with Peter Parker - which I wish they'd done more of. If they "make" Danvers gay I"ll be super upset as The Avenger isn't gay in the comics. She has GREAT friendships with several women, Jessica Jones, She Hulk, Spider-Woman in the comics. None of em are "that" kinna relationship.