Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Oscars So Oscars

So, that happened? In a year with ample great films directed by women (Greta’s “Little Women,” Lulu’s “The Farewell,” Céline’s “Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” Marielle’s “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” Lorene’s “Hustlers,” Olivia’s “Booksmart”) and truly great performances by women of color (Lupita in “Us,” Awkwafina in “The Farewell,” J-Lo in “Hustlers”) how is it even mathematically possible that only one person of color was nominated in the acting categories and a big, ugly zero women were nominated for best directing in for this year’s Oscars?

Oh, yeah, because the Academy is 84% white and 69% male. That’s how. It’s always fun to hear folks complain about “identity politics” when straight white men have been supporting/promoting/celebrating/voting for other straight white men for, I dunno, fucking centuries.

I mean, apparently “Little Women” directed itself. How else can you explain its multiple best acting nominations, its best adapted screenplay nomination and its best picture nomination – but it’s lack of best director nods? Women, we’re amazing – we can make movies without ever needing to direct a single soul. What can’t we do?

Also, ScarJo getting two, yes two, nominations and Lupita, J-Lo, Awkwafina getting none? And the one black acting nomination coming for yet another role about slavery because those appear to be the only black narratives the Academy consistently recognizes? Because we really, really should.

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Carmen SanDiego said...

Little men are the problem here. I have seen people on Facebook talking about how their husbands refuse to go see it.