Saturday, January 18, 2020

Pre-L: Lose It All

*clears throat*

*rips shirt*

*musters best Stanley Kowalski energy*


Well, now, that was unexpected. And, now I see why they didn’t release last weekend’s screeners. I must say, so far “The L Word: Generation Q” has walked a tricky line between providing fan service and advancing these character’s storylines pretty darn well.

And I must also admit that my little gay heart defintely skipped a beat when Tina Kennard showed up on Bette’s doorstep right when she needed her most. And, I will further admit that that same heart filled white Tibette shipper love seeing Bette and Tina and Angie all snuggled in bed together.

Dammit, nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

But now, onward. With just two episodes left we shall see how everything shakes out. Though, speaking of news that’s good for one’s heart, it is especially great news to hear that TLW:GQ got picked up for an even longer 10-episode second season. More gay ladies being gay together, making good gay decisions, making bad gay decisions and generally just living their super duper gay lives on television is pretty much always a good thing.

And with that, onto the Pre-L. Can you believe there is only more after this? Yep, just one more.

1) Gonna wash those wedding doubts right outta your hair.

2) Sobbing in the hallway outside a hospital room? Dude, too soon. TOO SOON.

3) For the last time, I’m sorry about that whole tractor/sign fiasco.

4) The first time Shane has ever been confused by female sexual organs.

5) When you realize you’re in a thrupple with your current girlfriend’s ex-wife.

6) More reasons to not trust your parents with smartphones.

7) Look, if this whole mayor thing doesn’t work out, Bette could still star in her own cooking show called “Porter’s House.”

8) Isn’t it pretty to think so?

9) Further proof lesbians have no idea how to sit in chairs.

10) Do you think Jennifer will like my tribute to “Flashdance?”

11) Not the ex-wives I was hoping to find in bed, but whatever.

12) Do either of you still have Tasha’s number?

13) Come on, did Dawn Denbo write this campaign ad?

14) Of course Alpha Bette & Alpha Bette Jr. drink their whisky neat. Of course.

15) Big kiss off to you!


Carmen SanDiego said...

I would totally watch “Porter’s House.”
So happy that season 2 (season 8?) will have more episodes. I feel like the show is just hitting its stride now.
For the next season I would like them to focus more on the OGs, get rid of Micah and bring in a butch character. We have been waiting for a butch since 2004, come on

linster said...

Alice's vagina ring. Did I just now notice or is it new?

Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh hey Micah had a storyline that didn’t involve picking up guys. Nice!
And They really could have done better with that ad. “Bette Porter will sleep with your wife” hell yeah and I don’t blame the wife one bit

Helena said...

Really pathetic how happy I was to see Tina, did not realize how big my crush was/is :)Now I just also need Tasha back. You have me dreaming about "Porter's House" , what a good idea!

rizzoli50isles said...

where do I start love ur recap Dorothy they had the candle in the wrong place on the table for starters liked their outfits was a improvement since the ogs I feel sorry for alice and shane well yes her wife is hot but she has a very bad attitude towards shane and shane will get hurt too so basically a very sad episode where our girlies gets hurt by exes micah needs to get with max and dumb the idiot sat next to him episode 8 I think its gonna be so hard to watch after the repercussions of ep 7