Friday, January 24, 2020

Pre-L: Lapse in Judgment

Let’s do the minor time jumps again. Like, you know, by two weeks. Sorry for that little Rocky Horror innuendo, I was just preparing you for your final episode of the first season of “The L Word: Generation Q.” I will say I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of this show this season. Though, I hate to say it but the finale is a little uneven. Especially the first half. They tried to stuff a whole lotta lot into it. Like a lot. So much. And over the span of what I think is only three days in the show’s universe. Like I said, a lot. But this episode also has moments of profound grace and intoxicating warmth that, well, dammit if they don’t feel almost sublime. And it circles back nicely to touchpoints from the near and more distant past because in this L Word universe continuity is actually a thing. At least, you know, that’s how I saw it. And now onto the final Pre-L of the season. I will miss them, that’s for sure.

1) Meet the press.

2) Did I tell you how there used to be watch parties at lesbians bars about our show? No, really, big parties. Huge.

3) Don’t you hate it when the hors d’oeuvres pass you by.

4) When you have flashbacks to Election Night 2016.

5) Nobody regrets buying a full-body pillow is all I’m saying.

6) Lesbians Can’t Sit in Chairs, Part II.

7) Lesbians Sitting, But Not in Chairs, Part I.

8) I’m not aboard the Sinley Train. But, you know, y’all do y’all.

9) How gay is it to admit that I own this exact bra, but in gray?

10) Cute boys, cute boys, whatcha gonna do. Whatcha gonna do when this episode comes for you.

11) When you think it’s Postmates, but it’s your ex instead.

12) Me every single time I read the news.

13) Roxane – and I cannot emphasize this enough – Gay!

14) Dammit, does no one screen the audience members?

15) The hostess is all of us being proud of Bette’s new positive life choices. And that dress.

16) Lesbians Sitting, But Not in Chairs, Part II.

17) Lesbian’s best friend.


Carmen SanDiego said...

There’s a DOG? FUCKING FINALLY! this show has never been truly reflective of the pet situation of lesbians in LA

Carmen SanDiego said...

For this episode I’ll get off my butt and go watch it at the bar
I’ll probably wear that bra.i have it too but mine is in black...
Gonna miss this show, season went by so fast! Kudos to Marja, it had problems, yes, but was so much better than I expected.
Now for season two (season 8?) can we ditch the gay boys and bring in a butch lesbian? Been waiting for a butch since 2004...

feromoon said...

Beautiful pictures!
JB is as tall as her tvdaughter!
The diversity this new series and season with all the drop dead gorgeuos woman is breathtaking.
Looking forward to Roxane Gay.

Here a comment from across the pond. We don't have the oppotunity to take a subscription on Showtime if living in Europe. Or outside North America.
And no, the cable stations don't have it in the planning in the future.
Even called the Dutch, Belgian and German televisionstations.

-"Hello, will you'll be airing The L Word Generation Q in the near future? It's an American drama television series with Jennifer Beals as Bep Porter and Lex Scott Davis as Quiara."

-"Ëxcuse me? Startrek Generation Q?"

Nothing. No planning.

We rely on bloggers like Dottie for the warming up and people sharing The L Word Generation Q online.
Fingers crossed that we'll be able to watch the last episode of season one on sundaymorning.

With compliments from the European yonis.
Thanks to the original uploaders.

Washuai said...

It is going to release in the UK, after the US date. Bustle apparently, will keep Brits updated. All it takes is a google, I know there are other results for others not in the US, who don't want to wait to import a box set. The simple answer is a paid VPN & then subscribe. They don't block credit cards that aren't US based, like happens when you try and do that from within the US to some countries.

rizzoli50isles said...

im just gonna wait til they finally get off their butts and makes the dvd and makes it available at amazon all this shit rules and regulations pissing me off there are more lgbtqia people all over the world get a grip with ur shit showtime and bravo Dorothy loved the review and yes I agree with you I just want tibette then im done lol

Finn said...

For those in the U.K. - L Word Generation Q airs on February 4th, on the Sky Atlantic channel. Available to those with a Sky subscription or a NowTV subscription.
Happy days, at last.....

Anonymous said...

Bette's dress is stunning! I take it from your comment about her good life choices that Bette and Dani do not get it on in the finale. Thank goodness for season 2.

Yeller Belly said...

Ugh! I am not happy with this episode! First of all, I am living for the throuple and I need to see more Sepideh Moafi. Alice was the one pushing for it even when Nat was like, This is weird. And then she lost her shit! Is that realistic? Yes it is, but it's still not fair, and I don't think I should be punished. And then there's the whole Sinley thing. Yuck. I want Olivia Thirlby back! Even though, yes, she was too good for Finley. And no Tina?! The only positive thing about this episode is that Finley has had a nice arc. I appreciated the bike bookend. Other than that, pft. Everything blows.