Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Second Vida

As sad as I am with what’s happening to “Wynonna Earp” and “One Day at a Time,” (and I am very, very, inconsolably sad about having to fight tooth-and-lesbian nail for both those shows), I am grateful that not all television executives are so small-minded. “Vida” is a deeply layered, richly textured look at two sisters and their Latinx community in East Los Angeles. It’s not a story that gets told every day, a story filled with LGBTQIA people, if it even gets told at all. But, amazingly, here we are about to start a second season May 26 on Starz. Like I said, amazing.

p.s. As much as this show deserves a GLAAD Award, it 110 percent IS NOT A COMEDY. Sooooo. Yeah.

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Carmen SanDiego said...

Okay I’m ready to get annoyed every episode when they start a sentence in Spanish and switch to English half way and vice versa. The “pero like” every other scene drive me bonkers