Friday, May 17, 2019

My Weekend Crush

Yep, I am gayly watching the hell out of this. So now that we have a trailer for the new “Batwoman” series on The CW. And it’s...good. It’s pretty darn good. Also gay. So very gay. Like, have we ever seen such a kickass out butch heroine leading a show? Despite all the initial misgivings about Ruby Rose’s acting abilities, her physicality is unquestionably great here (and, well, that swagger ain’t bad either).

But what makes me most encouraged is the female pedigree behind the new show. “Vampire Diaries” alum Caroline Dries serves as showrunner. And one it writers is none other than Natalie Abrams (former TV journalist turned TV writer), who happens to be the wife of former AfterEllen (in the good old days) writer Snoodit. It’s a small (and super gay) world after all.

So, bring it Batwoman. I’m 100 percent here for an awesome, hilarious, handsome butch badass who does not let a man take credit for a woman’s work. Happy Batwoman weekend, all.

p.s. So very very (very, very, very) nice to see you, Rachel Skarsten/Alice/Tamsin.

p.p.s. I also super relieved that it looks like Kate Kane’s love interest won’t be fridged in the first episode, but rescued by our Bat shero instead. (I hope, don’t let me down, show…)


Carmen SanDiego said...

Young Carmen Sandiego would’ve been so happy to see a butch lesbian hero
This was so good, so so good. Way better than I expected. I was certain that it wasn’t gonna be good. Now I’m going to be terrified that it’s going to break my heart. Please don’t break my heart, show.
Happy weekend to you DS

Panty Buns said...

I'm loving it! I'll be watching it on the CW but can't wait 'til it comes to NetFlix so I can re-watch it without the commercials.

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