Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cynthia & the State

Well, now isn’t this interesting. Cynthia Nixon, actress, activist, and the “Sex and the City” character we all secretly aspired to be in retrospect, is running for governor of New York. She announced yesterday via Twitter. Now, I don’t live in New York. My father’s side of the family are all from there and most still live there. And I have good friends living there now. I know there’s a lot amiss in the state – like, oh I dunno, the subway. And I know it needs serious people with good ideas to fix them. I am not, on the surface, against the concept of a celebrity candidate. I am, however, against unqualified celebrity candidates. Luckily, Cynthia does not appear to be one of those.

While she may be a first-time candidate she is an outspoken feminist and long-time education and LGBTQ rights advocate. An out bisexual woman, Cynthia is married to longtime education organizer Christine Marinoni and mother of three children. She will be running as a Democrat in the primary against incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo this September.

Now, New York has never had a female governor, let alone an out LGBTQ governor. If Cynthia wins she would join Oregon's Kate Brown (who is also bisexual), as the nation’s only out LGBT governors elected to office.

Look, win or lose I respect her decision. People should put their activism, their energy and their expertise where it can do the most good. We need all the help in this fight we can get.

p.s. People who shit all over “Sex and the City” as superficial and vapid tend to be the kind of people who shit on women in general for being superficial and vapid. Sure, it wasn’t all Shakespeare and certainly could have been more diverse. But its depiction of unapologetic female friendship and unabashed female sexuality was – and continues to be – radical.


Anonymous said...

I'm in NY and while her activism is appreciated I think she needs to pay her dues. Perhaps as a city councilwoman. Of course we just elected a celebrity President so maybe that playbook is out the window. Governor Cuomo, although a beneftor of nepotism, has a solid track record on social issues, minimum wage and income inequalitity. If Nixon resides in the City her efforts will be better spent there trying to help the day to day stuff that the idiot mayor Deblasio ignores.

Panty Buns said...

If elected governor, Cynthia Nixon would serve the people of the State of New York well, whereas our current governor, Andrew Cuomo, seems more is intent on ruling them.
Thanks for embedding the video 'Cynthia Nixon for Governor'!!! I live in New York, and very much hope and pray that she wins!

Carmen SanDiego said...

Yes but what is her position on the Kim Cattrall vs Sarah Jessica Parker feud?
Jokes aside, I like her but please get some real experience at lower levels of government before going for something like this. Experience matters. we need boring, knowledgeable policy wonks and diplomats, not more well meaning but wholly inexperienced candidates

Panty Buns said...

THANK YOU AGAIN for this blog post!!!
Cynthia Nixon is a cancer survivor.
She is advocate for public education (unlike Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos).
She attends a synagogue yet respects Palestinian rights.
She will fight hard on behalf of the poor.
She will fight for subway funding.

As for the claim of "Anonymous", Governor Cuomo has a less than stellar achievement record on the minimum wager. This (document) shows what New York State's minimum wage requirements are and will be. Currently $11.10 upstate, $11.00 on Long Island and #12.00 in New York City.

If "Anonymous" and "Carmen SanDiego are not the paid political trolls (I suspect that they are) then they should try reading before making impetuous negative comments: Why I'm Running - by Cynthia Nixon herself.

There are a lot of shills for of the current unequal system who masquerade as progressives. They are the ones arguing that Cynthia Nixon is too inexperienced to serve.
Experience at lower levels of government as a cog in the entrenched system of enforced inequality is not a prerequisite to fighting inequality nor is it helpful in trying to bring about change.

Cynthia Nixon wants to end mass incarceration. That's something she could do as governor that is not dependent on experience. Governors can pardon people and stop executions. Low level government employees can not.

I don't listen to shills nor am I swayed by troll armies.
Thanks again for the article on Cynthia and the State with embedded YouTube video.