Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Women Warrior Wednesday

Sometimes it’s good to stop and realize our progress – especially in times like these. Certainly, our political progress is imperative. And we should fight with everything we have to become a more just, more fair, more equal and more kind world.

But how far we come in our entertainment and our fiction, that matters too. Because representation always matters. Just think, only 10 months ago none of this existed. We didn’t have the Amazons of “Wonder Woman” or the Valkyrie of “Thor Ragnarok” or Wakandan warriors of “Black Panther.” But now, now we do. And little girls, and boys and kids who identify as whatever they want, can look up at them and say, “Hot damn, I’m going to be that badass one day, too.”


Carmen SanDiego said...

Representation matter. Or, as the old AfterEllen used to say, visibility matters

Anonymous said...

After Ellen jumped the shark when Dorothy left. But I can't get into the replacement site Autostraddle at all.

AK said...

Agreed, representation matters a whole lot. Warriors can be of many Flavors; Word Warriors, Organizer Warriors, etc..
Dorothy is a Word Warrior. All Hail Dorothy !