Friday, March 23, 2018

My Weekend Crush

You know how I feel about the scourge of gun violence in our gun crazy country. And you know how I feel about the young people leading the charge for sensible gun control. So this weekend, you know I’d love for you to support the March For Our Lives this Saturday. Young people, particularly young people of color, have been at the forefront of some of our greatest progressive movements throughout time. The Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movement and so on. So if the adults in the room won’t act, the youth will grow up and do it for them. Happy marching weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

And where is the march for Palestine? Since we are complicit in aiding an on going genocide over there---- ahhh wait sorry, I forgot, you haven't been to to care about that. Or how about the fact we murder innocent children and women with our drone program. That doesn't deserve a march or some holier than thou condescension? 18 years in Afghanistan for no apparent reason---- isn't that march worthy?
Our "shadow wars" in Africa? The fact we let Israel bully torture and kill little children doesn't get your attention?
But a mentally ill kid who slipped through the law enforcement system and the mental health system dozens of times, dozens, is indicative of our violent "gun culture"? Seriously?

Ever see the video of those four kids playing soccer on a beach in Palestine/Israel who get murdered by snipers. We support that.

AnnieStinkle said...

Hey, you forgot about the extinction of the white rhinoceros, oil drilling in Bears Ears, the Keystone XL pipeline running through reservation land, the Pacific trash island, trans people being discriminated against in our military (and pretty much everywhere else), the massive cuts to CHIP and SNAP in the new budget, and all things Betsy Devos. Don't you care about those things?!?!

Or, maybe it's ridiculous to expect someone to list every single problem in the world whenever they want to discuss one of them, and you are a deliberately obtuse jackass looking to be outraged over nothing.

Karen said...

An underlying problem that no one seems to be talking about is mental illness. I'm all for restricting gun purchases and taking guns away. The ages of 16-23 are associated with the development of schizophrenia in young adults. I haven't heard anything in the media about the role of mental illness. Its entirely possible that a misdiagnosis or non diagnosis of a mental disorder is the root cause of the issue. I hear so much talk about guns, privilege etc thrown around by the media. The sad fact is the mental health system in this country is failing the people who need it.

Anonymous said...

Uhm Annie, the point here is we apparently have had #enough of this manufactured so called "gun culture" yet we are complicit in murdering innocent people all over the globe while helping Israel commit genocide. But according to you this isn't a big deal? I would suggest you are clueless and such a statement is beyond insulting to those suffering in Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, somalia, etc. etc. not to mention our veterans. Truly an unbelievable statement yo made above. Wow.

See the common thread here ( hint guns and violence) ? White rhinos ? Wtf?

Every single problem? Nope. Just the blatant hypocrisy and willful ignorance as it relates to "gun violence" . Your response suggests and egregiously belittles the ethnic cleansing we are complicit in. Not to mention the drone murders.

" outraged over nothing"!!! Wow. That says it all. Quite the contrary you narcissistic vapid war mongerer.

Anonymous said...

"Dorothy" you have a beautiful heart and I thank you for sharing it with us over the years. Many times your words have given voice to my own feelings. And just as many times your words have given me joy or hope or sometimes just some degree of comfort when I did not think that was possible.

You are a public figure, you probably deal with this kind of thing more than we realize. I'm sorry that happens and that it has happened here and now. Please excuse our efforts to be protective. They will almost certainly not be as gracious as your words would be.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Not everyone has to care about everything and everyone at the same time. You can start your own March against Israel, anonymous
Go ahead

QueerGirrl said...

Chicago represented hard Saturday. I am honored to be a part of it. #Votethemout