Monday, March 05, 2018

Oscar's Up

Well, the Oscars happened. The winners were utterly predictable (like, seriously, every favorite won). Yet there were flashes of the great show it could have been. Like with the Time’s Up moment and inclusion montage. And like all the out queer female filmmakers who were present, and even shouted out their wives while winning. And like 86-year-old Rita Moreno slaying in the same gown she wore to the Oscars in 1962. And, of course, Jordan Peele’s great win for “Get Out.”

While I was rooting for “Get Out” over “The Shape of Water,” I appreciate that it was the first female-fronted film to win best picture since “Million Dollar Baby” in 2004. Also, Guillermo del Toro’s acceptance speeches were lovely.

Some more on the highlights.

1) Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph should co-host the Oscars next year. Full-stop.

2) Rita, girl, I can’t wear some of the same clothes from a year ago, let alone 56 years ago.

3) I didn’t totally hate the jet ski bit, but probably only because Helen Mirren was the celebrity model.

4) Lupita Nyong’o should put it in her contract she always has to wear these adorable glasses.

5) Damn, it was nice to see Annabella Sciorra again.

6) Jordan Peele, here getting his Oscar engraved, is the first black writer to win for best screenplay, and only the fourth nominated in the Academy Aaward’s 90-year history. So, yeah, representation matters.

7) Frances McDormand having all the female nominees this year stand up. Powerful, both because of the talent of these women and how few women there were standing up.

8) The ads were…good. Well, some of the ads. Out filmmaker Dee Rees had the best commercial of the night, hands down. Two moms. Mary J. Blige. Space monsters. Black girl magic. Fuck yeah, though I’m still not gonna shop at Walmart.

9) Twitter ad was also quite good, especially lesbian poet Denice Frohman’s words. Too bad about all the Nazis, Russian bots and men threatening to rape women on the site. Ahem.

10) And, of course, all gay ladies love them a little Jodie Foster in a white tux blaming her crutches on Meryl Streep.

Speaking of Jen, she was living her best life climbing over chairs and not spilling a drop of her wine.

So, your favorite moments? And, don’t worry, SGALGG is coming. It is so coming.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph hosting Would be as good as Tina and Amy hosting. My lesbian viewing party erupted every time a winner thanked her wife or partner.
Rita Moreno was great, hope everyone is watching One Day at a Time.
Too bad the ceremony was so boring.
Also I didn’t realize Million Dollar Baby was so long ago, wow.

Anonymous said...

The Oscars are always a demonstration of the wealthy Hollywood establishment patting themselves on the back. I don't get the fascination with it.