Friday, July 28, 2017

My Weekend Crush

I’ve never wanted to be punched in the face by someone more. Look, I’m generally a very nonviolent person. I’ve never gotten into a physical fight (sibling tussles don’t count). I’ve never even broken a bone (despite my perennial klutziness). But I would KILL to have Charlize Theron punch me. Or hip toss me. Or kick me in the throat. Charlize has really become one of the most dynamic action stars of our time. I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the woman who broke out thanks to her big fight scene with Teri Hatcher in “2 Days in the Valley” should make a career out of kicking ass. I don’t know if “Atomic Blonde” will be any good when it opens today (though, hot damn, do I want it to be based on that ridiculously hot trailer). But I already know Charlize will be awesome, because she always is. Furiosa awesome? We can only hope. Happy weekend ass kicking, all.


Helena said...

South Africa is still so proud of our Oscar winner. Thank you for this and have a good weekend.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Beauty, brains, brawn and talent all rolled into one

Tekgirl said...

I am surprised there wasn't more of a showing of support for this movie, it was awesome and this is the first movie where the relationship between the queer characters wasn't sensationalized/ I don't know why so many websites made such a fucking big deal over heterosexual Wonder Woman but they virtually ignore the movie Atomic Blonde. I wonder why that is because it appears that only ,my blog:
gave this movie any attention. Could it be because Lesbian tend to think that when a woman is beautiful that she is less of a Dyke?

Even this site has no issue with exploiting the fact that the nmovie is online and you have no problem posting it and it's not like Charlize Theron needs the money so go right ahead, my point is that you could have stood up more for queer women by helping to this movie in any way possible.