Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wonder Women

My goodness, now isn’t this some perfect timing. First the “Wonder Woman” movie comes out and we’re all transported to a paradise island of Themyscira filled with Amazons who know that when it comes to pleasure men are not necessary. And now we get a biopic about the man who created Wonder Woman and the wonder women in his own life. If you know even a little bit about Wonder Woman’s comic origins (or have perused some old copies) you know that the man who created her and went by the penname of Charles Moulton was, well, kinky as hell. So naturally the film “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” delves into his kinks and polyamorous relationship with his wife and a female student, who helped to inspire Wonder Woman.

Now, it would be easy to go with the “Oooooh, threesome”-route with this film. But the trailer suggests something much deeper and – very thankfully – let’s the women’s role in this relationship truly shine. And it also seems to blends two of my favorite things: feminism and ladies-kissing-ladies But then, we should expect no less from lesbian filmmaker Angela Robinson, who wrote and directed the project. She is the writer-director behind your favorite campy lesbian film “D.E.B.S.” and your favorite “The L Word” sequence a.k.a. The Phone Tree. So, hell yeah, let your freak flag fly. The more wonder women, the better.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Wonder Woman deserves this resurgence. Everyone on my list is gonna get that movie for Christmas

Panty Buns said...

This is wonderful news!
As much as I love strong female leads, I had been concerned the new Wonder Woman movie might turn out to be overly heteronormative.
Now, knowing there are some heart-warming girl-girl kisses in the movie (in addition to men-not-needed action) I'll be looking forward to seeing it!

Karen E. Lafferty said...

Terry Gross interviewed the author of "The Secret History of Wonder Woman" a couple years ago. She shared some interesting connections to the suffragette movement and other details from Marston's life. Worth a listen:

Erin O'Riordan said...

Wonder Woman is canon bisexual in DC Comics and they can never take that away from us. Canon law says.

My only minor complaint about the gorgeous Wonder Women film (which I have now paid to see twice) is not enough Artemis. In the cartoon adaptations this badass is a willowy blond. Imagine my delight at seeing Ann Wolfe playing her. A boxer! Actual muscles! Now let's hope she'll return in a much bigger and more meaningful role - preferably with her crossbow - in Wonder Woman 2.