Monday, July 17, 2017

The Lady Doctor Is In

You gals, you gals, WE DID IT! We ruined more men’s childhoods! A round of high vaginas to everyone! It only took 54 years, but finally we have a female Doctor Who. Yesterday it was announced that British actress Jodie Whittaker will pick up the Sonic Screwdriver as the 13th Doctor. Of course, now they have to turn it onto a Sonic Melonballer or something because ladies and boobies and such. Duh.

I’m not familiar with Jodie (I never watched “Broadchurch” or “Attack of the Block” or any other “Black Mirror” episode than “San Junipero”). But folks who know about these things seem very pleased about her casting and I am as well. I have not been a huge fan of No. 12, Peter Capaldi. He is so terribly grumpy. But I love Pearl Mackie’s Bill and very, very (very, very, very) much hope she stays on as the Companion. A white female Doctor and a queer woman of color Companion? YES, ALL OF THE PLEASES. The casting also sets up some delicious queer possibilities. Hello, sweetie – bring on River Song, bring her now.

So it seems my plans to make an all-female reboot of everything ever (“Ghostbusters,” “Star Wars,” now “Doctor Who”) is going along swimmingly – except for that whole presidential election hiccup. *stares into the endless abyss of reality and then looks back at my television* Obviously, man babies are already upset about this because there isn’t enough to be upset about in the world already. Because, sure, a more than 2,000-year-old alien who regenerates into new bodies and travels through all of space and time fighting other aliens and future and past humans and all manner of in between in a blue police all box that is bigger on the inside is totally believable as long as he is a dude. But as soon as The Doctor is a women, hold on now, let’s get a grip and go back to reality. Right. Got it, fellas. But, hey, you know what, I am 110 percent for ruining more grown men’s childhoods to make little girls this happy today.

Suck it, haters. There’s a new Doctor Who in town and she is gonna turn that Tardis into a blood yurt like all women have dreamed of for always. *witch cackle* *puff of smoke* *hail of tampons*


Helena said...

Good news indeed! Saw Jodie in Broadchurch and she is an excellent choice. Thank you for the happy girl video :))

Karen said...

As much as I enjoy your blog theres no need to turn everything into male vs femake. Good entertainment is good entertainment. When I watch television its an escape. Dr.Who has survived time because its well done. I'm sure that will continue.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Wow, DS, you write beautifully
Standing ovation. You were tremendously inspired on this one.
And yeah lady Doctor! Guess I'm going to have to start watching this show again.
Also, now that we are done with Doctor Who can we have a Beverly Hills Cop reboot starring Leslie Jones next?

Carmen SanDiego said...

And some of these episode titles were funny

Elf said...

Actually, around 50% of those having a negative reaction to the doctor becoming a woman are women. Yes, there are a lot of misogyny around this, but in Dr Who's case I think labelling the antipathy of having the Doctor being a woman as a male chauvinist thing is misplaced.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaay!!! Beautifully worded DS as always. I'm definitely excited to see a female Dr. Who:) And Karen, do you like this blog? Everything you say is something negative about the blog. Maybe write your own blog?

Jonathan said...

I'm not gonna knock her until she appears (and in her own episodes too: can't judge by just the regeneration cameo). If I have a problem with her, it won't be because her gender.

I never heard of the actress either but David Tennant is the only Doctor I knew before he became the Doctor (Harry Potter 4).

Anonymous said...

"As much as I enjoy your blog theres no need to turn everything into male vs femake(sic)."

I could not agree more with you Karen. Besides, I have seen far from positive reactions from men than negative ones. And as Elf said many of those opposed to a female Doctor are women.

This 21st century Battle of the Sexes TM (mostly I suspect a media creation) is getting so tedious. *yawn*

Anonymous said...

It's not a "battle of the sexes", it's called sexism, which is a real thing that still exists. And if you're tired of hearing about it that's because you are in a position in which you're not affected by it.